Our Story

Founded in the fall of 2016, TCapri Gourmet Treats LLC was created to show dessert lovers what they've been missing!

Owner Tiffany C. Hainesworth crafts every treat with care and attention.

TCapri Gourmet Treats LLC, a Maryland based company, specializes in sweet and "sassy" treats for the palette of foodies 21 and over that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Winney Bears and Boozey Bears are uniquely handcrafted gummies that are made with no additives and no preservatives. They are infused with your choice of Merlot, Pinot Grigio and Rose wines or vodkas, rums and cognacs.

Followed by TCapri's signature old fashioned bread pudding with a "sassy" twist of Bourbon Butter.

TCapri Gourmet Treats LLC also offers the following bread pudding flavors:

Rum Raisin

Apple Whiskey

Brandied Peach

Please continue with us on our journey in the Lab (the TCapri kitchen) as we continue to intrigue your senses with mixtures of sweet and sassy treats!